ISALXVIII February 20-23, 2022 postponed
to March, 19-22, 2023 - SAVE THE NEW DATE


Biology and Treatment Strategies

Munich, Germany - February 19-22, 2023

International Symposium

Main Topics

MS I: Epigenetic Changes in Acute Leukemias

MS II: Clonal Evolution and Leukemic Stem Cells

MS III: Genetic and Molecular Characterization of AML:
Novel Markers for Diagnosis and Prognosis

MS IV: Novel Approaches and Targeted Therapies in AML

MS VI: Risk adapted Therapy of AML

MS VII: Biology and Treatment of APL

MS VIII: Relevance of MRD in Acute Leukemias

MS X: Immunotherapy for Acute Leukemias

MS XI: ALL: Biology and Treatment Strategies