Biology and Treatment Strategies

Munich, Germany - March 19-22, 2023

International Symposium

Leukemia Clinical Research Award Winner ISALXVII 2019:
Frederik Damm, Berlin, DE

Frederik Damm – Leukemia Clinical Research Award 2019


"New insights into clonal hematopoiesis and driver mutations underlying t(8;21) leukemogenesis"


Clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP) – defined by the presence of a somatic hematologic-cancer-associated gene mutation – occurs in the peripheral blood of at least 10% of persons older than 55 years of age without any history of hematologic neoplasm. CHIP is linked to an increased risk of hematologic malignancies and of all-cause mortality. At present, caution is needed when predicting clinical consequences from a cancer-associated gene mutation in healthy persons. Three molecular studies further characterize CHIP by elucidating its cellular origins and repartition within the hematopoietic differentiation tree, its role in healthy stem cell donors during allogeneic stem cell transplantation and its presence during complete remission of AML patients with a t(8;21). Collectively, the data show previously unappreciated results and open new avenues for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.